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is a nonprofit organization that dives into years of culture and performing event experiences, backed by an enthusiastic and adaptive awarded team of professionals.


We use Culture in all its faces to provide and share opportunities and the right approach to the core values requested or targeted.

Communication branding

We understand perception is important in building the correct message. This is why we situate all programs in the right light of vision.

Partnerships and Supporting

Our events resonates within its right audience. Our meticulous organization provides the best results for the efforts of who trust in our mind platforms.


We create spaces, spaces are places for communicate cultural and scientific values, values promote awareness, and this contribute to the growth and improvement of the mandkind experience.


The result is innovation in each event organized or sponsored, moving edges to a step beyond any others. Here we believe that ideas of social events can meet Your chance; we ensure that every touch-point defines new national and international exchange and interaction opportunities.
Our words are: Collaborate / Innovate / Create Values.
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Associazione LATITUDE Life APS
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

Headquartered at: "Villa ai Ciliegi", Via Ceresere 22, 33076 Pravisdomini (Italy)
Codice Fiscale:  9 1 0 9 2 4 4 0 9 3 1
Iscrizione Albo nr. 655 L.R. 383/2000; L.R. 23/2012

IBAN: IT45 N083 5612 5000 0000 0051 887

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