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International Photography


"Città Storica di Pravisdomini"


Submission (calls for works) shall be opened next 15th DECEMBER 2018


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We use Culture in all its faces to provide and share opportunities and the right approach to the core values requested or targeted.


The result is innovation in each event organized or sponsored, moving edges to a step beyond any others. Here we believe that ideas

of social events can meet Your chance; we ensure that every touch-point defines new national and international exchange

and interaction opportunities. Our words are: Collaborate / Innovate / Create Values



We understand perception is important in building the correct message. This is why we situate all programs in the right light of vision.


Our events resonates within its right audience. Our meticulous organization provides the best results for the efforts of who trust in our mind platforms.


We create spaces, spaces are places for communicate cultural and scientific values, values promote awareness, and this contribute to the growth and improvement of the mankind experience

Public Administrations

We collaborate to promote events and shared satisfaction

Research Institutions

We work to promote art and fund raising for important targets and solutions

Universities and Bodies

We offer our services to drive new paths for international exchanges and culture

Associations & Organization

We collaborate together as partner to shared projects, supporting the respect of rights and diversity in Italy and abroad

Private & Professionals

We hear base voices and ground needs and take them to the general social media. We give voice to society needs


We evaluate requests and contribute to a better world, with attention to the environment


We organise and share important core missions for the mankind values

TV & Media

We speak on behalf of the society and reach any face of humanity

Learning the life

We travel to learn, and teach to develop, innovation, aid, research, culture, health, art, success, worth, rights


In order to find solutions to the chronic and complex social challenges we face as a society, we must work together as a community. We believe that there are thousands of voices and aims who have quietly and tirelessly been working on finding solutions for pressing social issues across the world.


The Latitude Life Association aims to gain, pursue and nurture the achievements of these inspiring individuals or groups in each field throughout the world. We are proud to recognize and honor the achievements in each field of research, we encourage the communication and the exploration of the boundaries in social challenges, raise awareness, inspire and set role-models for innovators through the communication.



Here You will find updated and interesting informations about the main activities scheduled by the LATITUDE Life Association.

Remember that events and programs You would like to attend could need an advance booking as maybe limited seats.





17.06.2017 Diocleziano Galella, vince l'edizione 2017 del

                  Concorso Internazionale Fotografico "Città Storica di



05.05.2017  Pravisdomini, Primo Comune d'Italia a supportare i DRONI !

                   Evento gratuito pubblico il prossimo 17 giugno 2017


01.03.2017  New user friendly subscription's Competition form added


28.02.2017  The Administration has approved to lower the Competition

                   fees to take part to the IPC "Città Storica di Pravisdomini"


08.01.2017  The Administration has approved a new Exhibition project to

                   be presented to the Regional Public Administration to evaluate

                   the short selected artists of the IPC 2017



14.12.2016  The Administration has approved the new 2017 Regulation of

                   the IPC 2017



12.09.2016  The Administration has approved the next annual meeting



22.07.2016 The Administration has organised an international webinar on

                   art and culture

The result is innovation in each event organized or sponsored, move knowledge edges to a step beyond any others.


Here we believe that ideas of social events can meet Your chance; we ensure that every touch-point defines new national and international exchange and interaction opportunities.


Our words are: Collaborate / Innovate / Create lasting Values.


FROM 12 JUNE 2017 TO JULY 2017

Exhibitions of the Photo of the Competition at the

City Hall of the Mayor of Pravisdomini (PN), Italy



During this international event the whole City will share the opportunity to all the visitors and people to take part to the exhibitions, the conferences, and other events will be organised for free or with entrance fees.


During this international event will also have place the  Award Ceremony of the Winners of the IPC2017, with the presence of institutions and personalities


The City will also hosts various stands of Food & Beverage both of national and international tastes.


During the international events the visitors could also attend and try hightech photo devices, and experience various amusements.

International Exhibition of Photography



01 June - 1 October 2017 will be organised an innovative open air exhibitions in public and private spaces in the Pravisdomini city.


All exhibitions will offer unique and innovative opportunity to understand and approach the art from faceted point of view, letting breath the scent of culture and research. It will take on a 10.000 mq of park with birdwatching style.


Free access to the public

International Conference on Art & Research

11 February 2018, 8 am - 8 pm (Rome time zone)


Will be organised an innovative webinar on the state of the art and research with a particular attention the the music sector, especially for the contemporary music, which in the last years has received less State funds.

The musical bodies, entities, orchestras have suffered the lack of attention by the institutions, this caused the missing of jobs and chairs by musician, artists, professionals, this situation is under public view. With this webinar we share new ideas and solutions to be shared with governments and institution.

Guest artist of this speech will be prof. A.Patron

12-18 GIUGNO 2018


5/6/7 November 2018

This course will take in Tuscany


It will be hold by our Association

7/14/21/28 September 2018

This course will take in the whole Veneto region. it will be hold by our Association


More about our JURORS


Informazioni sulla Giuria

Our international competitions come from a project path shared with the main national and/or international institutions, public administration, publishers, universities, bodies, etc. to promote the core mission values of our Statute. Latitude Life competitions give to the participants high value opportunities to enhance and progress their career beyond the common arts and culture limits.



1) E N  Read the Competition rules, available in: ITALIANO or in ENGLISH


     ITA Leggere il Bando di Concorso nella propria lingua


2) E N  Pay the subscription fee for Your category type: AMATEUR or PROFESSIONAL (theres no

             limits on the number of subscrition You can do (i.e. 5 fees= 25 photos)


    ITA   Pagare la quota di iscrizione per la propria categoria: amatoriale o professionale (non ci

             sono limiti sul numero di iscrizione che si possono fare (es. 5 iscrizioni consentono di

             inviare un max di 25 fotografie)


3) E N  Print, fill and sign the Form: REGISTRATION FORM and send it to the email:



    ITA   Stampare, compilare e firmare la scheda di iscrizione e inviarla alla email:



4) E N  Send Your .jpg Photos along with the signed Form to the Secretary Office of

             the Competition, at the e-mail address:  photoawards@latitudelife.it

             using the free online WeTransfer File Service for files of more than 10Mb.


     ITA Inviare i files contenenti le proprie fotografie tramite email o se di dimensioni

             superiori a 10 Mbytes inviarle tramite il servizio gratuito online WeTransfer





Edizione 2017 del Concorso Internazionale Fotografico




Historical City of Pravisdomini

International Photography Competition





La fase della presentazione delle opere fotografiche si è chiusa.


La Giuria Internazionale ha proceduto a valutare le opere ricevute.


La partecipazione fotografica in alcune sezioni e categorie concorsuali non hanno raggiunto il gradimento minimo della Giuria.


Il primo premio del concorso nella sezione amatoriale viene assegnato a:

Diocleziano Galella, Annone Veneto (Italia).


Vi ringraziamo per la calorosa partecipazione e per l'interesse che questa edizione del

Concorso ha ricevuto a livello internazionale, ci sarà di sprone per organizzare la seconda

edizione il prossimo anno 2018.


La Segreteria Organizzativa

Latitude Life APS






The phase of the submission of photographic works was closed.


The International Jury have evaluated all the works received.


Due to the low level of the submitted photos in some categories not all the awards were granted.


The winner is: Diocleziano Galella, Annone Veneto (Italy), FIRST AWARD, amateurs.


We want to thank you for the warm participation and international interest that this edition

of Competition has received from all over the world

2018 Edition shall be opened (free photo submission) next 15th december 2018.


The Organizing Secretariat

Latitude Life APS


CALL FOR WORK OPENING: 15th December 2018
Apertura Edizione 2018 del Concorso il prossimo 15 dicembre 2018 (invio opere fotografice - updload).


We are always available to consider new events and artistic proposals and projects,

as well as We welcome funds from all the supporters worldwide, who trust in our mission



We would like to Thank You if You decide to donate us something,

use the below Paypal  service, click on and it and make us happy






IBAN: IT45 N083 5612 5000 0000 0051 887


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We welcome Your messages and contacts for any important purposes, partnership, proposals and informations,

use our contact references below to stay in touch with our representatives or activities. Media & Journalists are welcome.

To book interviews, advertises, news, guest invites, or accreditations, write us in advance before each event.

General Secretary Office, contact form / Modulo di contatto:

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Associazione LATITUDE Life APS

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Headquarter Administrative Offices at:

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33076 Pravisdomini (Italy)


C.F. / Fiscal ID#:  91092440931

Duly authorized and paneled under:

Iscrizione Albo / Registration nr. 655

L.R. 383/2000; L.R. 23/2012

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